I choose to be happy :))

I can be nice and naughty.
Devil and angel too--

Depends on who are you.

Tariq Ramadan (via fatenmuhamad)

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In our silences there are smiles and tears. Intimate friend is the one who knows how to listen to our silences with his heart and is able, without a word, to turn our tears into smiles

CJ Zaid (via fatenmuhamad)

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Some things are only between you and Allah because the entire universe altogether can’t even come close to protecting and nurturing you like He does.
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O Allāh, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin that Your pen recorded and Your knowledge encompassed - every one that I have committed and that I am to commit until the end of my life. I seek Your forgiveness for all my sins: the first and the last, the intentional and unintentional, the few…

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